The firm’s institute offers courses that are tailored along what obtains in the market. Practice make perfect we so much believe, hence we give attention to practical computing to meet up with the level of computer know how internationally. SAFEHANDS SOLUXIONS Professional Computer Institute is equipped with qualified and experience instructors with latest and state of the art computers. There is no course that you want to undertake that we are not offering both hardware and software training. Alongside with professional courses from abroad like, A+ Certification Networking, MCSE, MCSD, MCP, MOUSE, ORACLE etc.

The institute also conducts seminars and conference as well as workshops on topical computer issues to keep in different field on life abreast with the ever-changing computer technology. These seminars, conferences and workshops are designed for this time of ours to be able to meet the increase demand placed on computer technology and the expertise. The firm trains co-operate bodies on special packages in use. Customized training is also organized to meet the need of different firms and individuals.


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